Perfect Beach Picnic

Perfect Beach Picnic

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An unforgettable St. Barth experience on one of the most beautiful St. Barth beaches: breakfast, lunch, or romantic dinner?

Vacation in Caribbean has to do a lot with outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, walking around… And, of course, al fresco dining. Besides numerous St. Barth fine restaurants, there is one more very special option for your leisure.

Picnic on the beach is a dreamy experience of having fun in location of your choice, with no other people around and no formalities. Our chef Alex, who originally comes from Greece, wraps this experience in stylish woven rustic beach decor and magical lights around; different meal packages for breakfast, lunch or dinner are created with a twist of Mediterranean flavors combined with classic European menu options. Chosen location for picnic is Gouverneur beach due to its natural beauty and privacy, but you are welcome to choose a different place.

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