Casual Chic Dinner Guide

Casual Chic Dinner Guide

Casual Chic Dinner Guide 828 551 admin

Some evenings are meant to be less fancy yet fun and tasty. St. Barth has you covered with its variety of places to visit for an easy dinner.

Quarter Kitchen & Cocktail Lab located in Gustavia – easy, simple and super tasty.

Wine bar Le Papillon Ivre in St. Jean – Julie cooks and its so delicious! The selection of wines – yum.

If you are craving for Thai – you will find great menu options at Black Ginger in Gustavia. 

Baz Bar – best sushi in Gustavia. 

L’Isoletta – authentic Italian food, which we all love so much: a true ‘Roman style’ pizza, pasta, salads and more.

French restaurant L’Entracte offers cool setting and French cusine essentials such as foie gras, cordon bleu, duck breast and gratins.