Le Manapany

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Inspired by the true spirit of St.Barth, Manapany Hotel is appointed with artisanal furnishings, tropical woods, and handmade decorations. The hotel faces Anse des Cayes, where you can experience toes in the sand and refreshing sounds of the ocean. Le Manapany is just a stone’s throw away from St. Jean and Gustavia, yet very quiet and filled with nature wonders.

Villa Marie – St Barth

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Located up in the hills on the way to Colombier, Villa Marie reminds of a tranquil plantation countryside. Its colorful ethnic Caribbean setting with Colonial elements and elegant French flair create a feeling of romance and relaxing exotic atmosphere. A spectacular Flamands Bay panoramic view, tropical gardens and outdoor pool make Villa Marie a destination for a perfect West Indies experience.

Le Barthélemy

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Dedicated to a total relaxation, Le Barthelemy is set in front of a peaceful turquoise lagoon. Spacious rooms with light interiors capture the relaxed spirit of island life, yet reflect the chic side of St. Barth in its decor and furnishings.  Le Spa is a holistic oasis that takes your wellness to the next level: vitality pools, eucaliptus hammam, sauna, private yoga room and tea salon at your disposal.

Le Sereno

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Master minimalist Christian Liaigre has left an imprint on the absolutely stunning Le Sereno – located at the quiet end of an idyllic cove Grand Cul de Sac.  Bare white walls, dark wooden floors and perpendicularity provide the ultimate ultramodern comfort.  Among Le Sereno services and features is Valmont Spa Treatments in a beachfront cabin.

The same proprietors have also begun at another hotel – Il Sereno Lago di Como.

Le Toiny

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Forbes travel guide recently declared Hotel Le Toiny “A paragon of St. Barth’ quietly luxurious style”.

You probably know this hidden gem spans over an impressive 40-acres of Caribbean paradise. But do you know what secrets are hidden here on the elusive ‘wild side’ and unspoiled coast of St. Barth? With the new road making Le Toiny a mere 15-minute drive to the St. Jean area, you will struggle to find excuses not to spend at least a few days exploring infinity-pools and the local beauty. 

Lunch is served in the hotel’s beach club including a fantastic beach pool available for all guests, with a rotating menu based on fish, grilled meat and salads; you can enjoy your lunch in the shade; with your feet in the sand while you soak up the incredible views of the wild coast.

Guests will find outstanding luxurious suites with that unique home away from home feeling. Stunning sea views across the Caribbean whilst relaxing on your private terrace, you will most probable be unable to leave newly found paradise.

Hôtel Christopher

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Teak lounges with exceptional sunsets await guests at Hotel Christopher – excellently located in the beautiful Pointe Milou.  From this secluded bay guests can observe waters of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands… and the astonishing sunsets, illuminating the northern shore of the island. All the rooms and suites of Christopher Hotel face the sea view so does Sisley Spa, located right above the waters. The prestigious Sisley brand boasts a unique ‘savoir-faire’ giving you an unforgettably relaxing stay.

Cheval Blanc

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Amongst the banana plants and bougainvillea, nestled in private, hidden-away locations on St. Barth – Le Cheval Blanc Isle de France.

Neutral interior design with tasteful mixes of red and blue are complemented by French linens and modern artwork – ‘amazingly charming and spotlessly clean’ cottages create a very ‘French’ island retreat on Baie des Flamands. The hotel has all your possible desires covered: entire tropical garden, two restaurants, Guerlain exclusive products and much more.

Eden Rock

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A hotel once voted ‘Best Hotel in The World’ by Condé Nast Traveler is hard to imagine when they say they are adding even more luxury…is it even possible? Well you’d better believe it, because the ultraluxe family property just got better.

Originally established in the 1950s by St. Barth’s very own Rémy de Haenen; Eden Rock has hosted famous figures such as Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes. Garbo and Hughes have enjoyed this not-so-secret, yet exclusive paradise so much that Eden Rock have named two Legacy Suites after them.

Every inch of the hotel has been completely transformed. The hotel has been redesigned by, owner and artist Jane Matthews.  Jane found inspiration in the island’s legacy with furniture and accessories being sourced from local artisans, while antiques have been imported from Europe and the United States.