Yoga With Diana Bourel

Yoga With Diana Bourel

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The Art of Self Care by Diana Bourel provides continued education and support through private and group yoga classes, transpersonal work, meditation and life coaching in studio, on location and online. Discover this season’s program.

This season Diana Bourel will meet you in three different wellness/beauty studio centers in St. Barth: Institut Venus and Excellence des Sens in Gustavia, and the newly inaugurated Terre Happy Studio in Marigot. Diana teaches small group classes and also private classes.

In addition, Diana launches Mini St-Barth Summer Camp Yoga Challenge at the Manapany Hotel. Super Saturday provides heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise, yoga, stretching and water work in one super-charged fitness morning.

If you plan to come to St. Barth and would like to book sessions with Diana Bourel for private one-on-one yoga or for remote or on-site transpersonal work, please reach out and book by SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail. +590  (0) 690 499 921 /