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St. Barth: Beautiful Hiking Trails

Undoubtedly, hiking is an amazing type of leisure. But was does make hiking in St. Barth so special to feature it in the article? Well, hiking in St. Barth implies absolutely gorgeous sea views and interaction with untouched nature. Moreover, you will find hidden gems on your way, such as natural swimming pools. It turns…

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Surfing Coaches in St. Barth

Many have already experienced the power of our island’s outstanding healing energies, and they have learned the way to connect with them by actively exploring and engaging with St. Barth. Surfing on St. Barth is almost a religious rite, with locals and tourists alike heading to the island’s beaches to catch some waves. You can…

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Perfect Beach Picnic

An unforgettable St. Barth experience on one of the most beautiful St. Barth beaches: breakfast, lunch, or romantic dinner? Vacation in Caribbean has to do a lot with outdoor activities: hiking, swimming, walking around… And, of course, al fresco dining. Besides numerous St. Barth fine restaurants, there is one more very special option for your…