Satisfying Lunch Restaurants

Satisfying Lunch Restaurants

Satisfying Lunch Restaurants 1080 720 admin

Where to head out for lunch in St. Barth? Save this list of tasty places for your vacation:

Sand Restaurant at Eden Rock Hotel, overlooking an incredible St. Jean Bay, offers fresh and diverse lunch menu, including vegetarian options. The restaurant has a very nice and comfortable setting and is situated next to the beach.

L’Isoletta – Italian cuisine essentials: a true ‘Roman style’ pizza, pasta, and salads. 

Francois Plantation at Villa Marie – very secluded and tasty restaurant. 

Boutique La Gloriette in Gustavia is famous for its local flavorful rums. In fact, cafe also offers a great healthy menu with vegetarian options. Highly recommended.

One more place worth visiting for healthy meals is So Cuisine: all organic, vegan, vegetarian, and raw options.

Cheval Blanc restaurant La Case is fascinating with exclusive decor and exceptional seafood menu. In addition, restaurant offers great plant-based dishes. After lunch you should definitely stop by at Cheval Blanc pastry boutique and try their signature sweet masterpieces.

There is a small restaurant in Gustavia supplied by local fishers – called Fish Corner. Their tasty and colorful dishes go really well for lunch.