Private Chefs in St. Barth

Private Chefs in St. Barth

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Customize your stay in St. Barth: invite a private chef to your villa for the whole day or just for the dinner.

Private chef Alexandros Tounas – with Greek background. We highly recommend Alex for Mediterranean and Greek menus, for meat recipes and for various vegan options. Check out information on his services here. Alex has also created an amazing St. Barth experience of picnic at the beach; you can choose different packages for your picnic.

Mattia Bonisolli, an Italian-born chef, who was raised in a culinary environment. Mattia cooks authentic Italian dishes with his homemade pasta, and also specializes on Mediterranean style seafood. Learn more about Mattia’s company Cibum and private chef services here.

Meet Kristine Kelly, a plant-based chef, who creates exceptional nutritious meals. Kristine applies different recipes from all over the world to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes, and uses pure organic ingredients. Learn about Plant Based Daily and Kristine’s services here.

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