Villa Bianca

Villa Bianca 1200 801 admin

Villa Romance

Villa Romance 2560 1707 admin

Villa Romana

Villa Romana 2560 1709 admin

Villa Geneviève

Villa Geneviève 2560 1709 admin

Villa You

Villa You 1348 899 admin

Newly built Villa You offers guests 3 contemporary bedrooms with colorful and modern decor. Spacious fully air-conditioned living area and relaxing outdoor lounge are facing Caribbean Sea and the tranquil…

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Le Carl Gustaf

Le Carl Gustaf 2560 1707 admin

One of the most celebrated hotels in St. Barth – Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf – swings its doors open once again October 15th, 2020.  📍Located on the hill in…

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Villa Golden Palm

Villa Golden Palm 1200 801 admin

This 5-bedroom luxury property sleeps 10 and offers an incredible tropical relaxing atmosphere. Golden Palm features an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, and a fitness room. Beautifully landscaped tropical garden is…

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Villa Nina

Villa Nina 1200 798 admin

Exceptional 3 suited villa Nina is located directly on St. Jean Beach, next to Villa Rockstar and Eden Rock. This luxurious beachfront property has a private pool and a spa…

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Villa My Way

Villa My Way 1200 800 admin

Thic chic and elegant property offers its guests spacious living areas and 5 bedrooms with magnificent views over Baies des Flamands. The design charms with its sense of retro glamour,…

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Villa Shell Beach

Villa Shell Beach 1200 797 admin

Centrally located near one of the most beautiful and popular St. Barth beaches, 2-bedroom villa Shell Beach is a very relaxing and delightful villa. Both bedrooms and the living room…

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