Vegetarian, Vegan Menu & Raw Deserts in St. Barth

Vegetarian, Vegan Menu & Raw Deserts in St. Barth

Vegetarian, Vegan Menu & Raw Deserts in St. Barth 1537 2049 admin

Where to head out for lunch in St. Barth? Save this list of tasty places for your vacation:

If you keep a special diet, your number one place for healthy meals in St. Barth is So Cuisine: all organic, vegan, vegetarian, and raw options. It is not a restaurant, but a nicely designed cafe with variety of food options.

Boutique La Gloriette in Gustavia is famous for its local flavorful rums. In fact, cafe also offers a great healthy menu with vegetarian options. Highly recommended.

Sand Restaurant at Eden Rock Hotel, overlooking an incredible St. Jean Bay, offers fresh and diverse lunch menu that includes greens. The restaurant has a very nice and comfortable setting and is situated next to the beach.

Francois Plantation at Villa Marie – very secluded and tasty restaurant in Colombier, surrounded by tropical garden. The lunch menu includes quite a few plant-based options.

Cheval Blanc restaurant La Case is fascinating with exclusive decor and exceptional seafood menu. In addition, restaurant offers vegetarian dishes. 

To customize your meals, we highly recommend to meet Kristine Kelly, a plant-based chef, who creates exceptional nutritious meals. Kristine applies different recipes from all over the world to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes, and uses pure organic ingredients. Learn about Plant Based Daily and Kristine’s services here.